Using an Introducer (better known as a Bougie) on every intubation

The following post does an excellent job in articulating some of the benefits to implementing a bougie on each and every ET tube placement. ¬†Will it ultimately be necessary on every intubation to use the bougie? No, it will not, but in using it every time you intubate you will develop proficiency in it's use and be ready for the troublesome intubations that are sure to present themselves. Why I use a bougie on every airway by The Resus Room U.S.       Here is…

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EMS Podcast 9: A Miracle witnessed by EMS

EMS helps people in many different ways. EMT and Paramedic personnel save lives every day. On this podcast we take a look at a miracle witnessed by more than a few people. We talk to the initial EMT on the scene of this possibly once in a lifetime occurrence. As always we encourage you to talk to us and let us know what you think. Any comments, questions, concerns or tips on making our podcast and website better are more than welcome. Thank you for your…

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